Star Wars Celebration nám nadělilo vynikající promo Rogue One, přítomní ale dostali ještě bonus - nový teaser, na jehož konci je první záblesk Dartha Vadera. Od videa, které ze sálu uniklo, samozřejmě nečekejte žádné zázraky. I tak je to ale fajn předehra.


Popis #1:

The second trailer starts with Jyn as a little girl running. "There's not much time. Every day, we grow weaker, while they grow stronger. "This is our chance" she says in narration "To make a real difference." During the narration, we see many scenes of battle and the Empire's tyrrany. We see new locations, an X-Wing flying on a forest-heavy planet, new aliens, new shuttle craft, more Deathtroopers, the Death Star... And then suddenly it cuts to... Darth Vader, breathing & standing over a display. The clip ended there, with Vader's reflection on the panel (presumably on the Death Star), and his breath echoing.

Popis #2:

The trailer opens up with a few shots of what looks to be a young Jyn Erso running as an Imperial ship soars above before cutting to Felicity Jones as voice over plays; “There isn’t much time. Every day, we grow weaker. While the day grows grimmer, we still have a chance … to make a real difference.” The music begins to ramp up as we catch glimpses of handcuffed rebels being walked through the streets and shots from the first trailer and from the Star Wars Celebration reel including Stormtroopers walking through Scarif, the Shoretroopers, a shot of Orson Krennic flanked by Death Troopers walking across a terrain that looks a lot like the grassy area we see the young Jyn running through at the beginning of the piece.

The trailer wraps with the reveal we’ve all been waiting for – kind of. In comes the sound of Darth Vader’s breathing and then we get a shot that slowly pans up to show, not Vader himself, but rather his reflection on the floor. That’s all we get, but it’s chilling and satisfying enough and clearly leaves so much more to be discovered about his involvement in the plot of the film.